Mey Shay Transit and Tours

Mey Shay Transit and Tours provides transportation and travel services to companies, organizations, and private clients in new and luxurious vehicles of high standards. Internet is available in some vehicles upon request. The company provides transportation services to vehicles accommodating 4 to 60 people, including buses, minibuses, vans, and off-road buses.

Reliability and safety are the core values leading Mey Shay: safety of passengers as well as toad safety. All vehicles are equipped with standard safety belts and, as part of the national effort to reduce accidents, all buses and minibuses are also equipped with the accident preventing AWACS safety system. Mey Shay rigorously attends to vehicle safety, conducting periodic maintenance and annual refreshers for drivers. The company employs a designated safety officer who is responsible for the safety of the fleet. All company vehicles are equipped with the Ituran tracking which allows vehicles to be monitored anywhere in the country, 24 hours a day.

With 35 years of experience, Mey Shay Transit and Tours is among the oldest transit companies in the country (founded in 1975). The company boasts some 25 vehicles. Drivers of Mey Shay Transit and Tours are highly service-oriented, proficient, have many years of experience, and are well-acquainted with the country.

Among our clients are: the Ministry of Defense and other government agencies, Airport Authority, municipalities and local councils, high-tech companies, production companies, educational institutions, sports associations and private clients.
We look forward to cater you with our excellence, reliability, and safety.

  • Bus transit: Whether going on a trip or inviting people to your event, bus transportation alleviates your worries and enhances your safety on the road. Adequate for all purposes for up to 60 passengers.
  • Employee transportation: Increase productivity by taking care of employees who work late night shifts or have a long commute. Retain your manpower by providing for their safety and convenience while also enhancing your own reliability as employer.
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  • Minibus transit: A pampering experience that is the ultimate solution for intimate rides in small groups. Frees you from logistic worries and road safety issues, allowing you to fully enjoy your time – whether at a wedding, a family event, or with your friends on a weekend.
  • Minibus and trailer: The solution for groups with extra luggage such as bike riders, production companies, and musicians – allows you to ride comfortably and share travel expenses.
  • Off-road bus: Accommodating up to 42 passengers, the off-road but is ideal for touring the country and visiting distant sites at a relatively cheap expense.